[T-999] It's a fine Rine between success and failure

Dear Rine,

You got it on a platter.

Most people never get a chance like this.

Yet it may be the difference between heaven or hell.

Or the difference between being reborn a worm or a king.

Emperors poured their treasures chasing this opportunity.

Industrial age robber barons felt the urge to build orphanages, hospitals and libraries to obtain what you’re about to obtain.

But for you there’s no dilemma.

You won’t have to go through all that trouble.

Because what you have here, Rine, is a bargain ticket to a better afterlife.

All you have to do is accept my offer to…

Pluck the low-hanging karma points waiting for you

The karma points you get from helping a fellow human being.

Call it karma, call it whatever. All it matters is that it’s a reflection of a profound truth.

If the collective knowledge of humankind was a SRS collection, this truth would be one of the few items that are still actively recalled from the early days:

Helping a fellow human in a significant way is the best way to get that warm and fuzzy feeling we spend our lives chasing.

Except now, for you, it’s easier than it’s ever been, your karma points are here for the taking.

You can get them by being my Japanese learning accountability dude.

All you have to do is follow my journal as I commit to learning Japanese for 1000 days straight.

Too much to ask?

Then I’ll make it even better:

All you have to do is occasionally skim through the reports I send you.

Or better yet:

Just pretend that you are reading this

Pretend you acknowledged that my current short term goal is to finish tne N5 deck Raj sent me.

Pretend you acknowledged that I’m trying to cover a 100 words a day this week.

That you understand I’m worried that my retention will be low.

Be a great pretender and the karma points are yours.

This is no small deed when you consider how I got here.

I started learning Japanese more than 10 years ago and have been failing ever since.

But everything will change now when I have to report my progress to you.

Accountability was the missing spice.

It must be true because science.

And if it’s true for me it’s true for you.

Which reminds me of my bonus offer:

Skip 10 years of failing and jump on the bullet train to language mastery


I can be your accountability dude, too.


The train is about to depart.

Please step away from the door!