[T-991] All-day passive immersion doesn't interfere with your daily life... it improves it

Dear Rine,

Audio immersion cured me of my phone addiction.

Instead of compulsively checking Instagram, I now just pop an earbud into my ear.

I get my instant dopamine hit to alleviate my boredom, and I rack up an extra few immersion minutes. Not to mention that I hear something new every time, even though I’m listening to the same 20 minutes over and over and over again for several days now.

This extra perk is not so trivial for me.

You see, I don’t like the idea of my two-year-old son seeing me all the time with my face buried in my phone. Sets a wrong example. Yet sometimes, when we chill together outside, he’s doing his own thing. Like yesterday, he found a broken shoe spoon in our backyard and he just started digging with it. When he gets absorbed like that he doesn’t want me interfering, which doesn’t leave me with a lot to do. So I get tempted to grab my phone… and usually at that precise moment he turns around asking for my attention.

But the earbud is a much milder distraction. I remain much more present.

Ultimately acquiring this extra language I’m chasing will set another good example of successful goal-setting and fulfilling.

Thinking about this makes it easier for me to overcome setbacks, the first of which I felt today.

Yesterday night the boy got sick. Usual kind of fever small kids are prone to from time to time. Anyhow, it was a sleepless night. In the morning, I remained upstairs which prevented me from charging my immersion iPod. When the battery died around noon, I went downstairs and plugged it in… but it didn’t respond.

I thought the iPod got bricked until I came here again to write this post at 8 PM. I saw that I actually plugged the iPod into the wrong cable (the other end wasn’t plugged in my computer, so it wasn’t charging).

Fix: since I have two cables anyway, I’ll keep the other one upstairs to prevent this from happening again.

Overall it was a sluggish day.

Anyhow, onward to tomorrow.

What I planned vs what I did today

What I plan for tomorrow



Oh look, Rine responded: https://catsu.it/supersrdjan/japtracking/

Leading me to clarify:

ah, I am a little tired so used my words perhaps too loosely. I meant to say that I had my immersion device with me and turned on for a few hours. I tend to pop it in and out compulsively. So I guess about an hour of actual listening time?